Open PhD Position

We are looking for a PhD student in the field of vision and computational neurosciences as part of a European consortium we are part of (Training the Next Generation of European Visual Neuroscientists for the benefit of innovation in healthcare and high-tech industry).

We are looking for someone who has a computational background and is interested in studying the plastic abilities of the brain by focusing on the influence of disease on the visual system and its ability to recover.

The program is designed for outstanding students and suggests a unique opportunity to acquire both theoretical knowledge and applicable tools. The program includes in addition to generous economic support, participation in multicenter meetings and student exchange.

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New Publications

1. Functional neural substrates of posterior cortical atrophy patients (Haya Shames, Noa Raz, and Netta Levin) in Journal of Neurology. 2015

2. Physiological Correlates and Predictors of Functional Recovery After Chiasmal Decompression (Raz N, Bick AS, Klistorner A, Spektor S, Reich DS, Ben-Hur T, Levin N) in Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology. 2015

3. Focal demyelinative damage and neighboring white matter integrity: an optic neuritis study (Noa Raz, Atira Bick, Tamir Ben-Hur, and Netta Levin) in Multiple Sclerosis. 2015

Note the cover of Multiple Sclerosis:


Presentations in the ISFN

We presented a lecture and poster at the ISFN:

1)The effect of demyelinative damage on neighboring white matter integrity: a Diffusion Tensor Imaging study 

Raz N.,  Bick A.S., Ben-Hur T. &  Levin N.

2)Anatomical and functional connectivity in the default mode network of post-traumatic stress disorder patients (selected for swift presentation)

Levin N., Bick A.S., Shragai T. , Giesser R. , Reuveni E. , Lazarovitz G.  & Bonne O.

American Academy of Neurology Convention

Dr. Noa Raz will participate in the annual convention of the American Academy of Neurology and will lecture about The Effect of Demyelinative Damage on Neighboring White Matter Integrity: An Optic Neuritis Study

An additional lab project was accepted for poster presentation:

Implementing Novel Methods for Evaluating Consciousness in Chronic Vegetative Subjects

The Annual Neurological Convention

Dr. Noa Raz and Dr. Atira Bick participated in the annual neurological convention (12-15.12.2012):

The Effect of Demyelinative Damage on Neighboring White Matter Integrity: an Optic Neuritis Study (Raz N, Abulafia R, Bick A. S, Ben-Hur T, Levin N)

Using Advanced Imaging Methods to study Neurolathyrism (Bick A. S, Meiner Z, Gotkine M, Levin N)