New Publications

1. Functional neural substrates of posterior cortical atrophy patients (Haya Shames, Noa Raz, and Netta Levin) in Journal of Neurology. 2015

2. Physiological Correlates and Predictors of Functional Recovery After Chiasmal Decompression (Raz N, Bick AS, Klistorner A, Spektor S, Reich DS, Ben-Hur T, Levin N) in Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology. 2015

3. Focal demyelinative damage and neighboring white matter integrity: an optic neuritis study (Noa Raz, Atira Bick, Tamir Ben-Hur, and Netta Levin) in Multiple Sclerosis. 2015

Note the cover of Multiple Sclerosis:


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