Visual Diagnosis

Visual perception is a complex process in which information is perceived by the eye, passes through the visual fibers, and reaches the brain regions specializing in visual processing. Inside the brain the information is passed between different regions responsible for various levels of processing – identifying a light source and its location, identifying colour or movement, and identifying complex objects and faces. Problems with visual perception may occur as a result of damage to any of the different processing stages.

Problems originating in the eye are usually treated by ophthalmologists. When the source of the problem is the visual fibers or the brain, i.e., in conducting visual data to the brain or in its cerebral processing, the patient is referred to the neurological clinic.

As part of the neurological clinic, we operate a unique clinic dealing with visual disorders of cerebral source. In this clinic we use a variety of behavioural visual tests and refer the patients to additional tests such as VEP (Visual Evoked Potentials), OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography), as well as functional MRI.

To make an appointment, contact the neurological clinic nurse, 02-6778437 (fMRI clinic).