The Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) unit combines clinical work and multidisciplinary research. It uses advanced MRI methods (such as fMRI and DTI) as well as behavioural and electrophysiological tests, striving to understand the human brain in both the healthy and the sick and to map activity regions in the brain.

The lab offers clinical services, including preoperative diagnosis, evaluation of awareness in patients who are in chronic vegetative state, and evaluation of neural visual disorders.

The lab research involves cerebral aspects of various clinical conditions as realized in functional brain imaging. Emphasis is placed on research within the sick population.

The visual system is the system most studied in the lab. We examine the cortical aspects responding to peripheral visual damage and brain plasticity. In addition, cerebral aspects of mental illnesses are studied in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry.

The unit includes basic research scientists, is part of the Department of Neurology, and is involved in the day-to-day clinical work of the hospital. The integration of research and clinical work promotes meaningful and applicable research on the one hand, and clinical excellence on the other.